iPhone 11 – we are ready!

The summer is almost over and even if some people mourn after it, others are looking forward to the new iPhone models, which are almost within reach!
Apple is expected to present its latest iPhone on 10.09.2019.
Are you as excited as we are?

According to rumours, this year is expected to see an “iPhone 11”, an “iPhone Pro”, and an “iPhone Pro Max”.
The iPhone 11 will be the successor for the iPhone XR and will have two cameras on the back instead of one. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be the successors for the XS and XS Max. With these models, the number of cameras should even increase from two to three.
We’re definitely looking forward to all the cool photos you can produce with it!

Via the Reddit discussion platform, some users have made their discoveries known to a German Media Markt. The electronics chain is supposed to sell cases for the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro already. The latter model, however, is referred to on the packaging as iPhone 11 Pro 2019.

We will be surprised what rumours will come true, but one thing we can tell you in advance:
Be curious what Woodcessories has considered for the new models, because there is something mega stylish coming up to you!

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