Upcycling: Old becomes New

The topic of upcycling is more relevant today than ever – the mass production of short-lived items is running at full speed and is causing the world’s garbage mountain to rise ever larger. This makes it all the more important to take responsibility for the things we produce and either dispose of them in an orderly manner or recycle them.

Whether used glass, paper or residual waste – recycling has long been used in many different forms. That way we prevent the production of further waste and reintroduce these materials into the production cycle.

The idea of upcycling even goes one step further. Not only residual substances, but also inferior substances, which are often treated as useless waste, are converted into new products. The “Up” thus stands for the additional upgrading of waste recycling. This special form of recycling saves energy as well as important limited resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the CO2 footprint. This results in new, high-quality products that contribute to sustainable consumption. Upgrading instead of buying new things!

The creative possibilities for recycling are endless! What seems like garbage can become backpacks, shirts and accessories – and maybe even iPhone cases? We are currently busy with developing new products so keep your eyes and ears open!

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