Woodcessories is going Bio!

We present: our first iPhone case made of organic bio-material! From today we offer you the perfect environmentally friendly alternative for everyone who wants to help us protect the environment and fight against the plastic masses!

The plant-based Bio Case consists of an eco-friendly mix of natural wheat and non-polluting bio-plastic that is easy to recycle. This innovative and above all sustainable blend results in a robust biomaterial that protects your iPhone & the environment at the same time.

You get a fair case without compromising on style and features. Enjoy fall-proof protection, a perfect fit, soft lining and smooth feel, but all with a green touch! The feather-light slim design with a strong frame gives you extra grip and cushions falls with tested drop-down protection from a height of up to 1.4m. Plus, you can comfortably continue to enjoy all features such as wireless charging!

  • In the fresh colours black, green, rose and natural white
  • for your iPhone 6, 7, 8, X(s) & all new 11 models
  • vegan inner fabric offers soft scratch protection
  • reinforced frame with shock-proof feature
  • certified drop-down protection makes your smartphone nearly indestructable

Furthermore, we promise you a 100% non-toxic product. Not every bio-degradable case is really free of any environmentally harmful substances. Many cases contain BPA (bisphenol A), lead, cadmium and phthalates, which are released into the environment when the products are degraded. Our organic mobile phone covers are absolutely BPA-free, 100% vegan & contain only eco-friendly substances. Even in our production we work only with controlled and sustainably procured materials under important environmentally considerate guidelines like RoHS and REACH. In this way we can be sure that we always produce sustainably as well as reduce our CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Bio Case is not only an environmentalist, but also an Upcycle Case. We only use residual materials from wheat and other grains that would otherwise be incinerated after harvesting, and turn agricultural waste into your new iPhone cover!

But we decided that’s not enough: even the cases themselves can be recycled! Together with your help we’re starting the Woodcessories Upcycling cycle, with which we conserve resources and at the same time reduce waste and our CO2 footprint. If your Bio Case has bitten the dust or you simply want something new, you can simply send the cover back to us. That way we can recycle it and turn it into a whole new product – a case reincarnation!

We have made it our goal to produce our vegan eco-products completely from biological material by 2021. At the moment the portion of the natural wheat mixture lies between 40-60%, since the life span of your Case would lie with daily use only with approximately 3-6 months without the additional bio-plastic. We are currently busy developing a 100% Bio Case that is permanently suitable for everyday use! With this step we want to make our contribution to climate and environmental protection. We reduce the use of plastics, save important resources, reduce emissions and offer you an organic, sustainable iPhone case.

We believe not only in green smartphone alternatives, but also in giving back to nature: For years we have been working with Trees for the Future to revive the world’s cleared forests. For every product we sell, we plant a new tree to help nature and local communities.

Each sold case helps to:
– reduce plastic consumption
– reduce CO2 emissions
– save limited resources
– protect the environment
– reforest the world forests
Each Case is one step closer to a plastic-free and green future!

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