October 2019

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Woodcessories is going Bio!

We present: our first iPhone case made of organic bio-material! From today we offer you the perfect environmentally friendly alternative for everyone who wants to help us protect the environment and fight against the plastic masses! The plant-based Bio Case consists of an eco-friendly mix of natural wheat and non-polluting bio-plastic that is easy to recycle. This innovative and above all sustainable blend results in a robust biomaterial that protects your iPhone & the environment at the same time. You get a fair case without compromising on style and features. Enjoy fall-proof protection, a perfect fit, soft lining and smooth feel, but all with a green touch! The feather-light slim design with a strong frame gives you extra grip and cushions falls with tested drop-down protection from a height of up to 1.4m. Plus, you can comfortably continue to enjoy all features such as wireless charging! In the fresh colours…

Forget Plastic – Go Bio!

Every year about 6 million tons of our garbage end up in the sea. This endangers not only all marine animals, but also ourselves. In the water, plastic gradually decomposes into tiny micro-plastics that can get into our food and even our drinking water. The main cause for this problem is long-lasting plastic that is only used once and then ends up being thrown away. The solution is Organic! More and more organic bio-plastic products are appearing on the market. After straws, crockery and packaging, the green wave is also spilling over to smartphone accessories and other gadgets and we hope to be part of it very soon! These bio-plastics are biodegradable plastics produced from renewable raw materials. This makes it much more environmentally friendly than conventional plastic and can even be easily recycled. This synthetic material is already so far developed that it can absolutely hold its own against…

Upcycling: Old becomes New

The topic of upcycling is more relevant today than ever – the mass production of short-lived items is running at full speed and is causing the world’s garbage mountain to rise ever larger. This makes it all the more important to take responsibility for the things we produce and either dispose of them in an orderly manner or recycle them. Whether used glass, paper or residual waste – recycling has long been used in many different forms. That way we prevent the production of further waste and reintroduce these materials into the production cycle. The idea of upcycling even goes one step further. Not only residual substances, but also inferior substances, which are often treated as useless waste, are converted into new products. The “Up” thus stands for the additional upgrading of waste recycling. This special form of recycling saves energy as well as important limited resources and reduces greenhouse…