That’s magic! The new AirPods Pro are here!

It’s not that easy just to be left alone! Ideal conditions for the new AirPods Pro from Apple.

With many new features the new AirPods from Apple were introduced last week. A new design was also a must – although the headphones are bigger and heavier, most of them sink into the ear. The fit can be customized with a variety of silicone attachments. One for all, that was once!

The second major innovation is active noise cancelling. Perfect for people who just want to be on their own and hide the world around them. So everyone stays focused on their music, podcasts and calls.
Speaking of music, the sound is now controlled by the adaptive EQ. It automatically adjusts the music to your ear shape for an intense and consistent listening experience!

The charging case with its wider design is also one of the new features of the AirPods. It can be charged wirelessly and gives the AirPods a battery life of five hours! (If noise cancelling is activated, half an hour less) And if you’re in a hurry: After five minutes in the case, the headphones last about an hour again.

The transport housing is larger, which is not noticeable in everyday life.
The fact is, with the AirPods Pro, Apple is breaking new ground with its headphones: thanks to the exchangeable earpieces, the wearing comfort is likely to be higher for most users. And the sound has also improved a lot. But the features are very expensive: The new headphones cost 279 euros. That’s 50 euros more than the AirPods 2 with wireless rechargeable case and 100 euros more than the cheapest AirPods.
We’re curious to see what’s new about the headphones soon, but of course we’ve already planned some stylish new cases for you! So stay tuned!

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